Our supporters make KBS possible. Through the time, talent and effort of volunteers and local businesses, KBS is fulfilling its mission of creating new sources of funding for scleroderma research.

Supporter Spotlight

Mark Abrams

Mark AbramsMark Abrams has been a strong supporter to KBS since our inception. He has not only attended every KBS event, but from our very first event in 2001, Mark Abrams has supported KBS every year by donating major auction items, such as fine jewelry, and more recently, donating some of his luxurious rental properties in Mammoth. KBS extends our profound gratitude for his support.

Donna Byrd

Donna ByrdDonna Byrd has been a good friend to KBS since our inaugural year. A successful foundation requires being able to do many different activities well, and there is practically no activity that Donna hasn’t helped to make a success. In addition to designating KBS as a recipient of an annual charity golf tournament, she has arranged for a winery sponsor; she always finds auction items for our annual event (and even wraps them beautifully and delivers them to us!); she brings new attendees and volunteers to the event; donates prime Los Angeles Kings tickets for the auction, and is always a very active bidder at our auction. KBS thanks Donna for her continued and unwavering support.

Bruce & Judy Schroffel

Bruce & Judy Schroffel were among the first supporters of KBS and were instrumental in planning our inaugural silent auction event. It was Bruce’s doggedness that helped KBS create its first website nearly ten years ago, and it was Judy’s connections that landed KBS the location of our first annual silent auction event. The Schroffel’s have been continuous supporters of KBS throughout the years as Gold Sponsors of our annual event. Thank you Bruce and Judy!

Our Volunteers

As an all volunteer organization with no overhead, KBS’ volunteers are the lifeblood of the Foundation. With the time, talent and effort of our volunteers, KBS is able to extend the reach of our small grassroots organization and produce big results.

Mike Brown


Lauren Brown


Melody Feige

Board Member

Marcy Keller

Board Member

Erin Keller

Larry Feige

Devin Brown

Tallien Perry

Elizabeth Sloan

Michelle Mitchell

Hillary Brown

Stacey & Jeremy Konweiser

Brad Feige

Sally Paul

Doug Freel






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