Research Grants

The Mission of the KBS Foundation is to create new funding for scleroderma research that will help accelerate the pace of discovery. There are three categories of grants that KBS currently funds:

Funding Over the Years

  1. New Investigator Grants, designed to support the entry of promising new scleroderma investigators.
  2. Fellowship Grants fund the specialized scleroderma research training of post-doctoral students.
  3. Pilot Research Grants are awarded on the basis of innovation and the likelihood of the project becoming the basis of a future research project funded by a large institution.  The 2010 Pilot Research Grant was awarded to Dr. John Varga at Northwestern University.

For additional information, email Mike Brown or call (818) 474 9648.

Past Funding

  • 2004- UCLA, SMAD  Research
  • 2007- Post-doctoral training: Dr. Monique Hinchcliff, Northwestern
  • 2009- Post-doctoral training (partial funding): Dr. Peter Wung, Johns Hopkins
  • 2010 – Pilot Research Grant: Dr. John Varga, Northwestern
  • 2011 – Stanford Scleroderma Center

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