KBS Awards Pilot Research Grant

Internationally recognized scleroderma expert Dr. John Varga has been awarded the Karen Brown Scleroderma Foundation’s (KBS) Pilot Research Grant for 2010.  Dr. Varga is the director of the Scleroderma Program at Northwestern’s Feinberg School of Medicine in Chicago, and is a prolific researcher and author having published over 160 original research articles and two books.Focusing mostly on the fibrosis that scleroderma causes, the Varga Lab conducts “translational” research, which attempts to turn the discoveries made in the lab into treatment for patients.

The purpose of the KBS Pilot Research Grant is to provide money for a small and innovative project that, if successful, will help prove a theory. Pilot research studies are often needed before major public or private institution will consider funding research. This KBS “seed” money is what makes the larger study possible.

The goal of Dr. Varga’s Proposal is to identify biomarkers in scleroderma patients that can predict progressive lung disease at an the early stage. The KBS Pilot Research Grant is for $83,579.

The KBS Foundation is a 501(c)(3) public charity dedicated to creating new sources of funding for scleroderma research that will help accelerate the pace of discovery.

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