KBS Website Gets A Face Lift!

Welcome to our new website! It is the centerpiece of our strategy of taking our grass roots organization to the next level. It is designed to educate—and to ultimately motivate— new supporters to step forward to help KBS create new research money to combat scleroderma. As you click through the site, you will see many new links and features. One of the most dramatic features is a video that was produced and edited by Doug Freel. Doug is a professional videographer who has generously donated his time and talent to create a video that provides a compelling look at how KBS was created 10 years ago, and what it does today.

As you continue to check us out, you will see that we have created a site that is straightforward and easy: easy for donors to donate; easy for volunteers to volunteer; and easy for scleroderma researchers to apply for KBS research grants; and in the process, everyone will see how dedicated our volunteers and supporters are to the cause.

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